Design by Example.

Don’t be complacent about responsiveness. 

As web designers we should continually be pushing the boundaries of how we put a “square peg in a round hole” metaphorically speaking, and sometimes that’s exactly what it feels like we’re expected to do. 

Websites are an incredible conduit for relaying a vision of possibilities that excites and stimulates the end users and pushes them on their journey through a labyrinth of digital destinations and experiences. Some good, some not so good.

It’s easy on those journeys to become complacent and even lack the understanding of how a website may have evolved. In many ways its akin to opening a book but not giving it much thought about the road it travelled to get too your hands.

From wood to words.

I myself like to build a site that ticks the boxes of engagement and responsiveness and as a web designer that’s as it should be. But with an end user that very word ‘responsiveness’ in relationship to websites can be the deciding factor on wether they stay or go.

There is nothing worse than going to a website that portrays an air of professionalism only to be let down by their inability to mirror that ethos in the responsive behaviour of their own website. The things we don’t see can be the deciding factor in what we do see and for any business being complacent about that may well have its consequences.

This applies just as much to web designers and developers as it does to any business entrepreneur. We as designers need to be sure that our own site reflects the possibilities when building and developing websites for others and that those websites should be as responsive as we’ve made our own.

Design by example.

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